After having ran a herbal shop in Italy with my sister for more than 10 years, I felt the need to try a different approach in order to better understand how to help people. I realised that there was a need for me to take a more Holistic approach in the way we live our lives and recognise the energetic power that lies within us. I found many answers to my questions in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 5 years of study at the Instituto Superiore Di Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ville Gida, in Rome, I saw the benefits almost immediately with myself and also with my clients. To better understand their needs I also started using a newly developed system in order to to achieve the balance between body, mind and spirit, showing them their Auras and Chakras in real time which has had great success. “There are no secret formulas that are going to suddenly eradicate all our human suffering but to have an open mind and to follow a spiritual path is a good compliment to modern medicine.” Anna Maria